Very busy trying to fix the stripe payment system on Lovemore. It requires some major updates. If you have problems please use paypal for now:

Meanwhile I did continue to make more improvements to the VN system. If you are really bored, check it out.

  • SimMan Yes like I said on this post trying to fix the problem. Don't worry payment won't go through, please use paypal for now:
  • sainT02 Hi, recently i tried to buy the citizen card form the black market in Lovemore, i tried twice tu buy it (20 USD) but the USD don't appear in my account. What can I do? BTW, I buy it from Stripe, and the bunny girl doesn't appear.
  • SimMan Press the down shortcut key on your keyboard which is [S]
  • kuerqing1024 Hi, can I ask how to go DOWN at Venus Lagoon?
  • SimMan I think as long as you bring someone it will double the mood. Some told me the game is very easy, so I may reduce the AP required and stat increase for each action instead.
  • Soham Banerjee Correct me if I am wrong : Taking female mentors to Showers doesn't double the mood, only taking Ryuuji & Junta does, isnt it?