Daily reminder that Hitler was trying to help.
Good morning! How was your Easter? Good? Well good! After such a great day here's more news to remind you that you are being replaced! Ever heard of the Tower of Babble? No? Well let me explain it, see, at one time on this earth, everyone was the same race. After building a tower against God's orders, it was destroyed and everyone was now a different race. Doesn't this look like what's going on in Europe?

Now doesn't the Bible also say something about Jews being punished? Why yes it does! You see, Jews have gone so far away from God that the Bible says a great punishment will happen to the Jews. It also says that after the punishment, the Jews will get some of their land back. Now we had a little incident in the 1940's and some ovens got clogged up and then United Nations declared Israel Jewish land.

Now instead of being humble and learning look at what they are doing now! Can we get punishment number 2 please?!

"One day, my spirit will rise from the grave, and everyone will see that I was correct." - Adolf Hitler
  • SimMan The problem is the whole media is constantly lying about history. Both mainstream and some popular so-called alternative. No one can say for sure exactly how the holocaust happen. For example, what type of Jews got removed? Ashkenazi Jews? Sephardi Jews? Chinese Jews? Georgian Jews? Indian Jews? It's a complicated topic.
  • kotomifan Money has no religion. Power has no ethnicity. If the Jews really did have a monopoly on either, there would have been no Holocaust, no 50-year conflict with every country in their vicinity, and no burning cinder of a country (Syria) on their doorstep.
    I'd fear Wall Street, Moscow, Beijing, and Riyadh more than Jerusalem any day.
  • SimMan The leftist Jewish elites are pure evil, the master of lies, that I can say.