At What Cost Victory Chapter III: Taking One for the Team
Ami had readily volunteered when Kotomi proposed that she join the team. Whenever she saw her friend in school that day, she got excited, and could not wait to get started.

When they got to the gym, Kotomi went to the locker and brought out a gym bag.

"These are the five apparatuses. I'll show you how they work, then we'll figure out which one you can do."

She pulled out the ribbon.
"Rule number one with the ribbon is that it has to be moving all the time." She made a few basic moves to demonstrate, then put it down."Next, the ball." Holding the ball aloft, she glided along the mat. At one point, she threw it up and caught it while she moved along.
"Wow!" Ami blurted out.
Kotomi made similar demonstrations with the clubs, the rope, and the hoop.
Ami watched attentively.

"So which one should I do?"

"I was hoping you'd tell me. Which one would you like to try?"

"We have hula hoops at home," Ami volunteered. "I'll start there."

"Ok, good." Kotomi watched her friend pick up the hoop. She was relieved that Ami did not choose the ribbon.
"Before you go, Primero's going to get you started with some weight training." 

Primero caught up to Kotomi at the end of practice.
"How did she do?"
For somebody who's never done it before, and has no idea what she's doing..." She stopped herself. This was her friend she was talking about. "Not bad."
Primero saw Kotomi's weariness in her eyes.
"I've got an idea."

They drove up to the bridge. Kotomi expected to cross over, and see the water as they drove. Instead, Primero stopped at a small parking lot.
"Why are we here?"
"I'll show you."
They got out of the car, and walked toward the base of the bridge. There was a small bench, facing the water. Primero motioned for her to come over. He was carrying two coffee cans that he picked up at school. She sat down, close to his outstretched arm, and took a can of coffee from him.
"This is my great ideas spot. It's where I go to sit and think."
 "It's a great view of the city."
 "Yeah, without all the noise."
He sipped his coffee. "Tell me about your dreams."

Kotomi thought about the biggest dream she had, up until yesterday. Going to Germany to train. But as she snuggled up closely to Primero, how could she say her biggest dream was to move half a world away?

"My dream?" She reached over and kissed him. "I'll tell you all about it, the minute this one ends."

Primero and Tomoko were both in English class with Ms. Kudo, as were Ami and Kotomi. He had promised Kotomi he would talk to Tomoko. He just did not quite know how.
Primero felt his phone vibrate. It was a text from Kotomi.
Talk w Tomoko yet?
He glanced over. Kotomi was looking his way. He shook his head.
A few moments later, he felt another vibration. He did not bother to look at it - he knew what she wanted him to do.

As Tomoko left class, Primero walked up quickly behind her.

"That last lesson was pretty hard. Don't you agree?"
 "Well, I..."

"What am I saying. You're pretty good at English, aren't you?"

"Yeah, I guess. I.."

"I could use some help. Do you have a free period this afternoon?"

"I'm not sure. Could I get back to you, um..."

"It's Primero."

"I'm Tomoko Saeki."

He knew that. Everybody knew that.
"I can meet you at the library."

Kotomi enjoyed having Ami there, even if her hoop routine was such a mess. Kotomi gave her tips as she went along, always reminding her to "Keep flowing. Keep everything in motion."
After the eighth time saying that, she felt her phone buzz.
She shook her head. It was sad, but not surprising.

Ami had suggested to her friends that they go to a karaoke place after practice. Primero rolled his eyes, but Kotomi agreed readily.

"We'll all take separate cars, then." Primero grumbled, as they headed to the lot.
A moment later, Ami headed for the school.

"Where are you going?" Kotomi asked.

"Be right back," replied the back of Ami's head.

Primero smiled at Kotomi. "Have you told her she can stop trying to set us up?"
"Let her have her fun. Besides, if we hurry, we can duet on 'You and Me Song' before she shows up."

Primero's phone buzzed as they sat at the karaoke bar.
 "Who is it?" Kotomi asked.
 "It's a text from Tomoko. AT PUB GET HERE NOW"
 "Is she joining our team?"
 "I don't know."
 "Well, go ask her now. Do what you have to."
She kissed him as her stood up.
 "And hurry back!"

 It was not hard to find Tomoko Saeki in the Last Round. She was the sole female figure, surrounded by a dozen tattooed men. As they cheered her on, she drained a beer, then licked the glass. She turned and pretended to toss it at the man behind the bar.

"Was it a slow day, Toreda?" she cried out.

The bartender shook his head, like he'd seen it all before.

"I've seen worse. Who's got next round?"


She held court at the bar, surrounded by several potential suitors. Her grey dress barely covered the most interesting parts of her body.

 "Well if it isn't Primero. My study buddy," she slurred.

Primero realized that she never meant to meet him at the library.
 "Are you OK?"

 "Never better. I'm legal today. And all these men are buying legal drinks. Right, handsome?"
A decidedly un-handsome man stared at her chest.

 "I'll buy you the best whisky this place has, if I can drink it off your tits."
Primero started to worry when the man tried to put himself between Primero and Tomoko.
"You can't drive like this. Let me take you home."

 "No need." She waved a hotel key at him. "I'm staying next door. Daddy's money bought me the best room there. Not that he'd notice. Maybe I should take a man with me."

Before Primero realized what was going on, she had two men help her onto the bar. Then, she stood up.
"Ladies and gents, we have a special at the bar tonight. One night only."
Was she undoing her dress?
"One night only. Perfectly legal, head cheerleader, tits and ass." Tomoko threw her hands up and let her dress slide to the bar. She stood naked, save her heels. The mirror behind the bar showed her back half- there wasn't a square inch of Tomoko not on display.
"Now what am I bid? One thousand? Two thousand? Three?"
She squatted down, exposing herself to the mad, noisy crowd.

Primero could not help but look. As she leered down to the heckling men, her titties perked up. And the pink of her pussy opened ever so slightly. It was then he remembered where he saw that vag before. He had seen it at the concert, on the platform with the drummer.
That was Tomoko!
The whole bar seemed to erupt. Primero felt somebody grab him from behind.
It was the bartender, Toreda.

"Get her out of here. NOW!"

The love hotel was a blurry mix of chrome and tacky wallpaper. Lights glared; shadows beckoned.
Primero got her into her room and into her bed. He went to use the toilet before he left. After he washed his hands he opened the door.
Tomoko stood a couple of feet away from the door. The tshirt Primero gave her was back on the bed.

 "One of us is not naked." She stepped forward. "Let me fix that."

 A moment later, his pants were at his ankles. She turned her back on him, placing his hands on her tits. They both fell onto the bed.

"Tell me what you want," she purred as she ground against him. Her entire body seemed to be in motion.
Do what you have to, Kotomi had said. He doubted that Kotomi meant to have him go skin to skin with Tomoko.
Then again, she didn't say not to.
"Show me that little cunny of yours."

 "I thought you'd never ask."
She pushed his head downward. getting down to her navel. He went the rest of the way. Her giggles became sighs, then moans, as his tongue started to explore her sweet, salty, sweaty womanhood. A feeling of warmth engulfed Primero as he dove deeply into the lady parts of Tomoko Saeki.

It was her turn.
Primero looked down, as the face of Tomoko disappeared into his crotch. Her lips embraced him, as waves of pleasure shuddered his body until he released.
As he lay back, she joined him.

"So," she asked. "What else shall we do?"
 "Um, would you like to join the gymnastics team?"

"I like the way you recruit, Primero."
She got up.
 "You tell your girlfriend I'll be at practice. My event is rope. I'll even bring my own. Then after that, you and me are going to the fanciest restaurant in town. Bring your wallet."

Primero stood there, numb.

"I'm guessing Kotomi asked you to talk to me, not screw me. So I won't tell her. But my silence is golden." She threw Primero's tshirt back at him and put on the robe that came with the room.
"You owe me, Primero, and I have expensive tastes. Take me to the mountains, the beach, even the moon, if I want you to. I'll let you know when we're even."

Did he have a choice?
 "Now, leave me!"