At What Cost Victory Charter VI: The New Squad
Ryuuji was the only one not in Ms. Kodo's class. Mako looked to his empty chair, and immediately made plans to visit his mansion on the edge of town. She had been hanging around him more since he saw Tomoko with Primero, and she thought she making some inroads.

"Class, there will be an assembly after this period. Report to the gymnasium."

Mako put her hand up. "Not the auditorium?"

Ms. Kudo barely looked back at her.

"You heard the principal, Mako. Just follow the instructions."

Suddenly, it dawned on Mako what this was about. he class was already mourning the death of Sakura Ozaki, one of the seniors on the gymnastics squad involved. For days Mako had wondered whether the squad would be replaced. She now feared it had, without her.

She waited until after class, and stopped Ms. Kudo as she left.
"Ms. Kudo, did they hold tryouts? Was there no announcement?"

Akira Kudo glared at the student.
"There was no need, Mako. A team was assembled, and will be announced today."

"But I never got a chance to try."

"You had your chance, Miss Iwasaki. You were on the squad. And then you were off. Need I remind you why?"

"But it's a new year, and they need me."

"They don't need a girl who would try to perform oral copulation to get a better score, Mako."

With that, Akira turned away.

Mako turned to the hallway. A right turn would take her to the hallway. A left would take her to the front door. And while the whole school would be in the auditorium, she would be with Ryuuji.

She ran to the open door.

After Sakura's teachers had finished their eulogy, the principal took the lectern.
"Students, teachers, and staff, we honor the life and accomplishments of Sakura Osaki and the rest of the gymnastics squad. One of the ways we will honor them is to announce the names of the newest varsity members. Would you please join me in welcoming the team who will represent us in their honor!"

The students and teachers started to cheer.

"Ami Kurimoto!"

Ami ran out, smiling at the crowd.

"Karin Aoi!"

Karin joined her.

"Sana Richardson!"

The cheers were a little more muted for the American, She ran out and smiled any way.

"Tomoko Saeki!"

"The cheers were much louder for Tomoko, especially since she had impishly unzipped her uniform so her chest was on display to the crowd. The boys cheered so loud that the principal could barely be heard.

Over the din, he did his best to shout out.

"And the team captain, Kotomi Takanashi!"

Kotomi joined her team. She pretended that the cheers were for the team, but she was a little angry at Tomoko for stealing some pf her thunder.

Tomoko seemed to ignore the catcalls. She was just trying to please one boy in particular. And she was pleased when she could see Primero's appreciation.

Kilometers away, a weakened Ryuuji moaned from his bed.