At What Cost Victory Chapter VII: Overcome by Events
The shower stalls were partitioned, and things had quieted down a bit, so Tomoko thought she was in the shower by herself. She had become quite aroused showing her body off to Primero (and the rest of the school) like that. And while being Ryuuji's arm candy had been something she was almost expected to be, she enjoyed Primero's daring. And while she had enjoyed the lavish meals and satin sheets of Ryuuji's stately manor, she looked forward to whatever idea might have next. Would it be the library? The roof? Maybe coming back here again?
She remembered one afternoon. As the school day had ended, he came up and whispered in her ear that he had never seen the inside of the ladies' locker room. They snuck inside, making their way to the shower, stripping along the way. But as they were about to enter the stalls, they heard sounds. They quickly realized Ms. Kudo was already there. They slithered back along the wall to the coach's office. Tomoko barely remembered closing the door. He took her right then, bent over the coach's desk.
She closed her eyes. Her hand moved towards her pubes. Amidst the steam and the water, would anyone see?


She shuddered. What was Kotomi doing there?"

"This is a sport, dammit. Not a strip show."

"People seem to like it."

"Sure, they liked your girls just hanging out for all the world to see."

Kotomi reached up to grab Tomoko by the boobs to get her attention. What she didn't realize was that it would get a reaction, courtesy of Tomoko's arousal. The touch of Kotomi's fingers drew a loud moan from Tomoko. She stared back at Kotomi with a longing she did not know she had. Instinctively, she reached for the crotch of her teammate. Kotomi gasped as a warm finger traced a route along her vag.

"Hey, you two."

Now both of them jumped. It was Akira Kudo, their teacher. Miss Kudo was fully dressed.

"They sent me back here to get you. Something about an exhibition at the mall. Finish up here and join your team."

The two girls separated.

"Oh, and I'm all for LGBT rights, ladies. But you might want to be more private than the school showers."

Mako had made her way past the Sugashita Mansion staff. She opened the door to Ryuuji's room. He lay back on his ornamental bed in a sea of pillows and satin sheets. He was whiter than the last time she had seen him.
She turned and locked the door. With her back to him, she began to undress.


She shook her head. She did not come all this way to be forgotten. When this night was over, it would be her name he would cry out for. But for now...
She turned towards him, and dropped her jacket. She walked naked towards his bed and climbed onto it. she fond the edge of his sheets and covered herself with them, moving herself next to his warm body. She found his member and started to move her hand over it.

"Yes, yes, Ryuuji. I am here."