At What Cost Victory Chapter VIII: Don't Come a Knockin'
The American maid burst into the chamberlain's office. Her dark complexion made her stand out already, but her angry, outraged face doubled the effect.
"Mister Chamberlain. I quit! I refuse to go marching into that boy's room when I know damned well he's got a girl in there. You might do things a little differently in your country, sir, but I am a Christian woman. And the last thing I need to do is walk into a man's room when he's all up in the business of some hootchie mama that he's been banging all night and say, Oh honorable sir, can you stop copulating long enough so I can make your bed? Not now, not for all the funny colored money they have in this country!"

She threw a packet of sheets on the chamberlain's desk and stormed out.

The chamberlain looked at the room supervisor, and shrugged.


Mako's plan had seemed simple enough in its planning. Get in Ryuuji's mansion, lie, cheat, or charm her way to his bedroom, and let the guy do anything and everything he wanted until he screamed her name. In her bag she had condoms, creams, bondage gear, even Viagra if he needed it. She had heard he was quite endowed - his nickname among the girls who knew was Mount Fuji. But as Mako soon learned, mountains may be big, but for the most part, they just sit there. And so it was with Ryuuji. She had kissed him, hugged him, groped him, tasted him, and mounted him. He had not pushed her off, but the moaning seemed to come out the same. She turned away from him and lowered herself down onto him.

"Do you see my ass, Ryuuji? Say my name, and it's yours."

"Ma, Mo, Moko." he mumbled.

It's MAKO, not Moko, or worse yet Tomoko. She sighed.

"Close enough."

Later, she went to his personal bathroom and turned on the water. With other lovers, like Junta, she might have had company in the shower. Somebody to give about 30 seconds worth of actual but flirty cleaning, followed by furtive groping, attempts at oral sex as the water poured on her head, then some interesting positioning as her lover tried to enter her. It was a game all her lovers would do. Not Ryuuji, apparently. Not seeing a reason to cover herself after ours of sex, she walked back in his room to ask for shampoo.
A man in a mask who looked a lot like Ryuuji appeared to be feeding on Ryuuji's neck. Ryuuji made no effort to defend himself - he just shuddered as the masked figure fed on the neck wound.

The figure heard Mako gasp. He turned and leered at her naked body.

"Ah. Dessert!"