At What Cost Victory: Chapter X: The Setup
Junta lay naked under his sheets. Mako sometimes slipped into his room through the open window, and she found his tendency to wear fuzzy pajamas to be offsetting. He kept his PJ bottoms under his pillow, in case any other visitors, like parents, came in.

The light through the window dimmed like it always did when she arrived. He felt himself getting hard, waiting for her lips to embrace his manhood. If only she let him do more, he thought.

He soon realized she had not come alone.

A large grey masked figure who reminded him of Ryuuji stepped forward. Instinctively, he clutched his bedsheet.

The figure grinned broadly. "The great Megaplayboy is scared of me. Well, look at him. A scrawny lad. How can so many people from my time have some from your seed? No matter."

The figure motioned for Mako to come over. She was naked; her normally flawless body was scratched as if she was in a fight. Her face looked unnaturally...calm.

"Junta Momonari, I sentence you to death for crimes against the Omega Regime. Your sentence will be administered immediately. Mako?"

The figure drew back the covers. A shivering Junta was joined on the bed by a suddenly ravenous Mako. He looked down, one more time, to see the top of her head bobbing. So many other times, it had been for his pleasure. Not today.