SG8 (or Rosebery?) Idea:
I propose that there be four dateable characters: Tassy, Korri, Sana, and Ren.
Then, when the user selects among the four personality types, the intro changes:
*Scholar: You dream of a blonde girl (Sana), dressed in almost transparent robes, chanting something you can't understand. Suddenly she stares at you, causing you to wake up.
*Playboy: You wake up and decide to take a walk around your college grounds. You disturb a beautiful woman at a fountain (Tassy). She runs from you.
* Criminal: Ren wakes you up by shaking her bra-covered tits in your face. She's not your girlfriend here, tho- she's the twin sister of your college roommate. She jokes that it was a dare, then tells you that there's breakfast on the table.
* Joe: You enter.a gym in the early morning. A beautiful girl (Korri) performs a rhythmic gymnastics routine. She stops suddenly and appears to start crying. A second girl is mocking her (Mako?). You go to say something, but she has disappeared.
In all four cases, your next destination is a restaurant (or bar). A barman or (bluehaired? redhaired?) bargirl hands you a menu- it's actually the interface that allows you to add points to each trait.
This could start either Rosebery or Simgirls

  • kotomifan Ok, how about,...
    You depart from Rosebery Airport after midnight. You are coming back from the funeral a venerable, very ild relative. There were tears, dug up memories, awkward silences, and plenty if alcohol. You're tired, a bit sad, yet happy to be out of there.
    You wait in the queue for the shuttle to take you to your remote parking lot. There are three young women in line behind you- a thin girl with a ponytail and a gym bag, a friendly girl with a backpack, and a blonde girl, possibly, a tourist, whose black suitcase matches her outfit.
    When the bus arrives, a fourth girl comes to the front of the line. When the door opens she steps in front of you and gets on first. You go to say something, but she looks back at you with the prettiest smile, and you let her on.
    The bus exits the terminal and enters a tunnel. As it emerges from the darkness, you see the city of Fukoma before you.
    And it's on fire....
  • SimMan I actually have a crazy idea. Probably better for the VN system. 1 am. You wake up on a midnight bus. After a night shift. There are a few people on the bus, including the four riders of course. I mean I really want to do a short horror story.
  • SimMan Cool. The four horsemen are: the prom queen, the virgin, the witch, and the buddy.