Brainstorming: My thoughts on how to distinguish SG8/ Rosebery from SG versions 1-7

1) Make Rosebery the college that follows Fukoma High. Advantages: SimMan's already produced some great NPCs (Bel, Karsten, Rufus) to help guide the action (Ren, Tassy, Korri, Sana) and a new venue couldn't hurt.
2) The Freedomwall (and Wu) enters the picture as the platform that Ren (new girl) encourages the Player to put her pictures on. First pic - what she's wearing to the Cosplay competition.
3) As the player befriends Korri, Tassy, and Sana, they build a social media presence that functions the way the modeling agency did in previous games. The player even starts getting unsolicited selfies from NPCs that want in on the action! Maybe even line up Bel or Wawababi as their rivals....
4) Explain away both Ami and Karin by "dreaming" Ami went to the future and prevented Karin from coming to the present. You can have the player customize their characteristics by other means (like picking from a menu).
5) Without Ami, the player will need something to accomplish to take the place of the time machine and the drama club. I propose two 50-day semesters, separated by a holiday break. Have the player accomplish a team project with dateable and/or NPCs each semester in addition to the semester exams.

Finally, throw up a trial balloon. Make a month-long or 25-day start into that world. See what people think.