How I Got Roped into Cosplay with Ren:
Chapter 1: So This is Home

Tomorrow my first day of college at Rosebery, and I'm already overtired. I thought today would be the whole moving in/ getting to know your roommate experience. But the new guy vanished almost immediately. So after I got my stuff where I wanted it, I wandered the town.
I'm always looking for the unusual things about places. No place is truly "new" - there's always old stories to be found. Success. Heartbreak. Pain. Pleasure. So after I passed the college bars and the convenience stores, I started to wander into the angrier side of town. No more hipster tea and kale restaurants. No staring at smartphones.
I found the first bar that wasn't pushing a sports team. Just dark wood and whisky. The bartender set me up.
"Don't get a lot of college boys in these parts. You local?"
"Well, let's see what you do with a shot."
He poured, and looked to see if I'd react when I downed it. I don't normally cough, but the crap he served was like diesel fuel.
"That wasn't whisky."
"So you're not so dumb. Let me get you something you'll like."
He turned to the bottles behind him. I suddenly realized I wasn't alone.
"We usually don't get the schoolboys until winter."
I turned. The first thing I saw was red hair. A lot of it.
"The winter?"
"It's about the time they realize their fall quarter girlfriends won't go farther than handjobs."
She leaned over in such a way that she made sure I saw her cleavage.
I smiled. It was nice to hear something other than, "Hey baby. Want a date?"
"So, you're..."
"Providing you the service you came here for. Where you want it. For as long as you need it."
She leaned in.
"If you'd rather do this somewhere other than the men's room, I've got a place next door."

So, got the drinking and sex part of college done already. In and out sex and dizzy feeling in the head. But, hey, I got laid, and that always makes me feel a bit better. So what if I paid for it? Not a bad way to start.
So then I get back to the dorm and there's my roommate. Well, roommates. He's sitting on his bed, already deep into whatever is on his smartphone. He's short, kind of nerdy looking with glasses. Like Harry Potter but without the charm. I'm not even sure what his name is. But she's...
"Ren. Call me Ren."
She's...different. Wearing overalls like a farmgirl. She must have bought the wrong size, because both her butt and her tits are straining the material. Her hair is the color of poured concrete.
She sits down on my bed. Not on top of me, but close.
"I'm his big sister. You may see me a lot at first, because this one won't eat sometimes unless you remind him. Just make sure he washes occasionally and cleans up after himself. And I'll keep the cat at my place tonight."
Wait a minute. Cat?
"I'll be by tomorrow morning to make sure he doesn't skip his first class. I can get you up too, if you like."
She leaves before I can answer. I should have said something instead of trying to look at her ass.
So I stare at the ceiling. It's old and needs paint. It's seen a lot, I'm sure. Future politicians. Future thieves. Future politicians who are thieves. But it's the first time it's seen me. In fact, nobody here has the slightest idea what I did the last eighteen years. I can start over. I can be whoever I want to be.
Starting tomorrow.