How I Got Roped into Cosplay with Ren:
Chapter 2: Deja Vu Dream

Weird dream. I was walking through the ruins of the town I lived in for high school. A woman clad in blue with blue hair was shooting at everybody. Whenever a shot landed, the victim changed into something else. Like a version of themselves, but pale. Sad. Shabby. Staggering around the town. A girl came up from behind me.
I can fix this, she said. I just have to go to the future and stop her from coming back.
She stripped naked in front of me and kissed me.
Are you coming? She asked.
I just stood there.
She shook her head and walked into a big metal cylinder. She closed the door.
A moment later, the cylinder vanished. The blue gun-woman disappeared. All the staggering people went back to normal.
And Ren's voice came from above me.
"Hey, don't you have class this morning?"

So now I'm in college. Each class is in a different building. Posters are everywhere. Everybody's talking like they've already been here. Mostly, I grab a seat in the back.
When I do that in World History, I find that I'm walking towards Ren.
She motions me over.
"What are you doing in a first year class?"
"I switched majors, so now I have to take all the classes I missed last year."
"What was your major last year?"
"Nuclear physics."
"Wait, what?"
"Yeah, things were going fine until I found out only those with the highest grades get what I wanted to get into."
"Which was?"
"The space program. So lessons learned. Get really good grades in anything you like taking."
There was an empty seat on the other side of me. I looked up to see a beautiful woman go to take it. I tried not to be obvious as I watched her yoga pants clad legs slide in next door. She was short, and in really good shape.
"I'm Primero, and you are..."
"And I'm Ren."
I noticed Korri had all the textbooks for the class already.
"Have you joined a study group yet?"
"Is that a thing?"
"Yeah, they have projects in this class."
Korri smiled. "Hope they don't start tonight. I have practice."
Ren tapped me on the shoulder.
"Speaking of tonight. I need you to do me a favor."
"Sure, what?"
She held up a poster.
"They do a Cosplay show downtown this Sunday. There's this really good tailor I used for my outfit that I want to go see. But it's in a rough section of town, away from the train, and I don't think my ex- will take me.
"Yeah, OK. After dinner."

The walk to the tailor was almost exactly the same path that I took. I knew the neighborhood immediately. We entered a small shop and were greeted by a woman with red hair.
Ren did the talking as I wandered the store, pretending to shop. I saw Ren enter a changing room, then walked over to the saleslady.
"We were here last night."
"Yes, we were. So?"
Over her shoulder, I saw the mattress I had bent her over last night.
"But you're a..."
"Service provider. I sell clothes. I sell services. I sell..."
"Did you buy it?"
"Were you happy with it?"
"Of course."
"Then it will be the same price next time you come."
She handed me a business card.
"My number's on it. There's also a website where I put my online pics."
I took her card.
"Come back in an hour."
She smiled towards the changing room.
"Bring her, if you like..."