How I Got Roped into Cosplay with Ren:
Chapter 3: Clothes Make the Man

For the first time, I noticed what was printed on the door.
"Fashion Akage," I said out loud.
"That will be my brand when I make it big," said the red haired woman. "That's my goal. For the world to know Akage".
She motioned me inside. She picked up a robe as she walked, and showed it to him.
"Your girlfriend is probably going as Yuri Sakazaki."
"She's not my girlfriend."
"You went to a women's clothing store with her. There are husbands that don't do that."
"Still, I..."
"No need to explain."
She turned to me and slipped her dress off.
"I can be Yuri Sakazaki for you tonight."
She picked up sunglasses.
"Lara Croft, maybe?"
She saw me look at a Batman mask. She reached for a baseball bat, then playfully put the Batman mask over my head. She put the bat behind her head, the way Harley Quinn does.
"Hey Batman, do you know what the Joker would do if he caught you messing with me?"
I laughed. She put the bat down, knelt, and lowered my pants.
As she reached for my member, she looked up at me.
"Say it. Say it for me."
I tried to talk in my lowest voice, as I felt myself enter her mouth.
"I'm, I'm, I'M BATMAN!"

I tried to look surprised when Ren entered our room.
"What do you think? It's my entry for the contest tonight."
"It's great. What are you supposed to be?"
"It's Yuri Sakazaki, silly. It's from an old game I found online."
"It looks good to me."
"Good, but not great."
She looked a little sad.
"Let me see if I have any black lipstick. I'll be right back."
She grabbed a leather jacket from her brother's closet and ran into the bathroom.
A few minutes later, she emerged from the bathroom. She was topless under the open jacket, and wore only her thong panties. There were marks on various parts of her body in black lipstick. She had even marked her breasts where the "plates" would come together.
I had seen glances of her body before. But never all at once. I could feel myself stirring below.
"Whoa. What is this?"
"Motoko. Ghost in the Shell. What do you think?"
I thought, she'd get arrested.
"Um, Yuri Sakazaki is fine."
"So, what are you going as?
"I was thinking...Batman?"

I made a point of clapping and yelling as they introduced her.
"Number one, Ren Hoshino as Yuri Sakazaki."
She probably would have gotten more votes as Motoko. But we did make it home safe,