A more advanced cat fight mini-game.
  • SimMan We'll see I may make changes later. Unlike other traditional Japanese Anime, these girls change their hairstyle from time to time. I did go for a plain look on purpose however. Ren actually grew up in the US and she's a sporty girl. Spending lots of time on the hair is more suitable for girly girl like Tassy.
    • facedone Thanks for attention,not complain.Ren is after all a young girl,like all girls no matter which type,desire to look attractive,as a new role,be different from Karin,this short hairstyle is indistinctive.glad to know there will be changes:)
  • facedone as a new girl,Ren needs extension,like hairstyle,this hairstyle is too plain.
  • kotomifan Ren's face will look even worse once Korri's done with her...
  • Soham Banerjee Can't the faces & eyes be better?