So just came back to this after many years, aka i had the game way back in 2014, preordered it and so on, but i dont remember having to have a citizen card to save, did i really miss so much? Am I just remembering this wrong or something? Infact I no longer have anything that i used to such as primero and sim man, I mean i know it has been a few years, but shouldnt my account still have these even if i havent logged in in awhile?
  • Imperial_Soldier Yeah its been a long time since I played so wasnt sure on how to even sign in anymore, thanks for the quick response guys, and glad to see that the game is still going strong
  • SimMan hi if you preordered it, please download the game at and when you sign in, choose the tab "FOR PREORDERS" and enter your preorder email (most likely your paypal email ID). Let me know
  • Binary_Fairy Are you using the pre-order login? It usually just needs your email, and no password...I remember when I first was playing it, it threw me for a loop as well, but when you first launch the game there is like two taps one is for email/password, and one of the tabs says like "For preorders" and it just wants your email.