A lot more hardcore actions in the coming thing Simgirls VN: The Erotic Ending. The game file size of the first VN is already hitting Newgrounds limit 100 MB so I have to split it into two games. Stay tuned.
  • Rasheed Yummy! Sexy!
  • facedone I'm a little confused´╝îrosebery,SG dark grey,SG 8.0,VN,Erotic Ending, do you abandon SG8.0 and SG dark grey?
  • CultOfSaekiSoldierSec One of the best features of VN is the new three slot save system..

    BUT.. I find that three are still not quite enough (or maybe I'm just getting greedy?)
    Would it be possible for Simta Claws to through in a few extra slots in the next update?

    P.S. (I know I'm being really cheeky here hehe ;) but) If you do decide to add more save slots
    could you please add them as an update?
    That way it would not hinder your upcoming release plans..
    Because the release date must not be pushed back at any cost!
    We're dying to play over here :)

    Speaking of release dates... Got one in mind for VN Erotic Ending?
  • CultOfSaekiSoldierSec Yes! Dude you've totally made my Christmas. Can barely stand the anticipation!!

    Just one question: does this release mark the official end of the PG era?

    I really hope so because there are many copycats out there but (to recollection)
    SimGirls was the first adult game to push the boundaries that it did.
    As such, SimGirs, is only SimGirls if it continues to do so.

    So let the Rated-R (or should I say Rated-S*) era commence in all it's profanity.

    *Rated-S for Saeki.. Get it? As in Rated-Saeki? Duh! ;)

    Thanks again S'man!
  • Panda Banda please uncensored the body parts .. it's the main reason we love to play simgirls
  • Robin Hardcore action for hardcore SG fans :)
  • Binary_Fairy Woaaaaaah! 100% sharp turn I wasn't expecting #extraHypy #100%support #GonnaBeGreat