Hey everyone I'm extremely new here and was just wondering what the state of the game is right now for SG 8.0. I've been looking around and saw some discussion on it along with some art. I haven't played since 4 something I think and I'd love to get back into it. information on how to play 7.0 isn't the most accurate anymore, or direct. Is it now bundled in another game or is there a standalone for it? I know (consulting this thread: http://www.freedomwall.info/post/4342551/access-to-simgirls-gold-7-0) that it WAS at some point (and may still be I guess) unlocked through lovemore?

Any clarification would be fantastic.
  • SimMan Hey there it was a thank you gift to those who ordered Lovemore early. That's why it was removed from public for a long while. Having that said as long as Lovemore players ask I will send them a copy. Find the game at blackspears.com. Pm me your email ID when you are ready.