Black market (Lovemore)
messaged sim man not sure what else to do bought the game told that I’d receive a notification in 24 hours and never did game never updated. Not sure if there is a help desk.
so I’m posting here.
  • eep-opp-ork-ah-ah I spent $10 to Buymore from the Black Market. The money was taken from my bank account, but I didn't get any USD to Buymore from the Black Market.
  • kenshi92 This is kind of a flawed system it should be automated and support should be a forum.
    • Robin I agree the system isn't perfect, but independent game development is risky/expensive so it's pretty much impossible to create perfect systems (not that big corporations get it right all the time either imo).

      I don't work for freedomwall by the way, just a member but you can always give SimMan some feedback in your pm as well if you think certain things could be better.
      • kenshi92 ive messaged him twice this is the second full day with no response the market made it seem like it was automated.
  • Robin There are times he cannot visit freedomwal every day (he's only one guy after all). If he takes a short break of is just busy with other things, normally he will respond within a week or something like that.
  • OnlyMyRailgun You're not alone, I haven't got my game credit either.
  • kenshi92 I messaged him a day ago with no response so the best i can do is hope i don't get scammed i guess.
  • Robin Messaging [24830,SimMan] is your best bet. He will surely respond.