Jaakuna looked out from the tenement window to see the fire.
"Kaito! You idiot. Is this your doing?"
The thug on the floor shrugged.
"Get your gun. Somebody just set fire to the old garage."
She grabbed her gun. "Come with me."

Kaito was the first to approach the building, and the first to see Amy.
The girl looked att the approaching figure through the light of the flames.
"Can, can you help me sir? I need something to wear."
Kaito flashed a hungry smile. He squinted slightly, and his eyes did a slow walk over Amy's body. The girl scrambled to use her fingers and arms to cover her modesty, but his eyes seemed to find every private part. Her nipples, hardening in the cold, were his first target. As she tried to block them from his gaze with her arms, she uncovered her lower half. She nervously squeezed her legs together, knowing her pubes were far above where her legs crossed.
"GIrl, we all got needs. You need clothes. Let me show you what I need."
He took his coat off and held it up. With the other hand, he unzipped his fly.
"Come on, girl. It ain't going to suck itself."
The cold begin to bite harder at Amy's skin. Her dreams of the future faded, as she pondered her next move. She felt herself drop to her knees. Kaito took that as a sign and stepped towards her.

At that moment, Jaakuna approached. She looked first at the girl then at Kaito. She frowned, and then smacked the back of her hand on his crotch. He yelped as the hand he was using to unzip his fly was now crushing into his manhood.
"Now is that anyway to treat a lady? She smirked. "You don't know if she even likes men."
She looked back at Amy.
"Tell me, girl. What did you eat last? Hairpie? Or meatballs and sausage? Me, I'll take a good fish dinner over anything a man would try to serve me."
She made a move to pull up the hem of her skirt.
Kaito tried to laugh, though his dick still hurt.
The naked girl looked horrified.
An amorphous glow began to appear in front of Jaakuna's eyes. The glow began to form into the shape of a person, perhaps 15 cm in height.
"Hold it. We got a call coming in..."
She looked over at Amy.
"Do you mind, um, turning around?"

Sana took the box of papers to the only man she knew could read them.
She shifted her hands to knock on the door.
"Come in."
She took her free hand, and opened the door handle.
The figure in the room turned to the door.
"What is it, Sana?"
"Simman," She replied. "You are not going to believe this..."
Fire on The Riverbank 3: Evil Eyes