Simman listened to Sana. The young girl was intelligent and articulate. But judging from her descriptions of her friend Ami, the time machine, and the apparent explosion, he could not tell if he was hearing a description of a scientific experiment, or just an elaborate suicide.
"Did she document her, experiment?"
"There was this stack of paper."
She handed Simman the stack of pages Amy had titled, "The Wells Project - A Study in Time Travel".
"Anything else?"
"She does a lot of blogging."
Sana started typing on her smartphone. "Let me check."
He motioned her to come by the console. "If you're looking online for her documents, I have a better idea."

A silhouette appeared on his screen.
"My friend, Sana, has come to me with some data. I'm forwarding it to you now."
He nodded to Sana, who placed the document in a scanner.The mechanical sounds of the scanner seemed out of place in the futuristic setting's of Simman's lab.
After the last page finished, there was an awkward pause, as Sana tried to look over his shoulder.
He did not turn.
"Sana, there's an unrelated matter I need to speak to my colleague about. Could you, step out a minute?"

After the door closed, Simman engaged the secure site. The image of Mr. Wu appeared on the screen.
"So, what do you think?"
The voice on the other side was tinged with sadness.
"This is the work of an 18 year old teenaged girl?"
"That's what I've been told, why?"
"It all adds up. The particular use of New Guinea impatiens alarmed me, and that's when I checked the dark web.
It's the Goolagong experiment. Almost word for word."
Mr. Wu cleared his throat.
"The Australian scientist Dieter Goolagong in the late 1990s did this experiment in the outback. He must have blown out a few garages as well. He was convinced that the vehicles disappearance was because it was sent ahead in the future, and not that it was obliterated by the force of the detonation. But because he could not prove that, his donors dried up, save one."
"The New Guinea mafia."
"Yes. And their interest was far from altruistic. In fact, they were so convinced of the experiment's failure, they continued to support his research just to make their enemies disappear."
"I need to call Cesar."
"Do it now."
Fire on The Riverbank 4: Epic Fail