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  • posted Most important question.

    Is there NEW sex scene in SG8.0, not only new heroine, and excist heroine?
    • kotomifan There has to be. No Ami and no Karin eliminates quite a few scenes. And with no time machine and no basement maid BJs, SimMan (and us) are looking at a whole new game.
      And I'm sure Ren will be a part of it!
    • SimMan I can't confirm this at the moment. In general I want to try something new in SG 8
    • CultOfSaekiSoldierSec While I do concede that your question is indeed important...

      The most important question is will there be any NEW crazy exhibitionist scenes that SG is famous for, (featuring Tomoko of course), in SG8.0.

      I'm all for the other girls getting a bit more attention but if more of the other girls is going to mean less Tomoko, then, Karin and the others can just go and find their own game to star in because this one's Tomoko's ;)

      Tomoko was voted hottest anime girl of all time after all :) so if it ain't broke why fix it!
  • posted Can I Play New Simgirls?
  • posted Hello Simman.

    I play Lovemore but one thing terrible problem.

    My game acconut and orderd by Paypal email inputs For Pre-order textbox, though my address is valid.

    I think the possibility of two misstakes.

    1) When I ordered by Paypal on your sight, the address I entered was incorrect.

    2) I mistake on how to receive the data.

    So, would you validate my Paypal order and if ordered data was wrong, would you fix the data?

    Details of PayPal's transaction are listed in the attached file.please confirm.