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  • posted Problem with College. I play for an hour or two, then leave the game and when I come back my computer has done a auto-restart, or else the game gives me an error (some value must be a non-negative number) and I have to exit the game, and when I come back my save is gone and I have to start all over. I must have re-started 4 times already. Is there a way to keep my saves?
  • posted What Simgirls got right was the H factor. I mean, if all I wanted to do was save money and learn skills and marry 1 girl, I can just go to work every day and live my life. The thing is, I wanna fuck half the girls in the office, and I can't do that in real life. Hence, dating sims, so that virtual reality can satisfy what objective reality can't. Unless the developer doesn't let you fuck anyone, in which case I might as well just hang out with my girlfriend or go to work, earn real money, and not play dating games at all.
    • SimMan Got it
    • Robin I think the multiple possible storylines/endings are the best thing about SG.
      You can make the story as romantic or perverted as you want, depending on your mood at that moment :p