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  • posted Its our anniversary today. I dont have money. I dont have anything to give to my wife. And it makes me feel so bad. My current job only gives exact amount for our everyday life. Its sucks. But I greet her full of love today. And its not enough. She wants to go out, eat drink etc. But i dont have money for that 😭 im hopeless. Im working 8 hours for 6 days and still i dont have enough money to take her out. 😭 how i wish i can die without her knowing it. 😭
    • SimMan yes like Robin said, try your best and show her that you are working hard for both of you everyday (with a solid plan for the future), if she loves you she will be supportive. Otherwise you should think more about yourself and you own happiness.
    • Robin Happy anniversary!
      If she loves you, it should be enough. But doing something fun together doesn't have to cost that much really. There are plenty of cheap options for a fun evening :)
  • posted I guess love wont last forever. But marriage is. 😥